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Patty Connnolly                
email:  patty@angelsgateway.com

When speaking to an angel, an angel whispered in my ear , create a space where everyone is welcome and there is no fear.
Sharing in these gifts we have to give, will help to create peace and harmony in the world we live
Angels help in many ways, they shine their light on our darkest days
They help to light up our souls as we awaken to the loving beings that we are.
Like sunlight that lights up the days, they help to light up our paths to show the way.
Each and everyone of us has love within and as we open to our feelings we understand our oneness.
This oneness is at the core of our being and angels are a reflection of the love that resides in all creation.  They give and receive and help to heal for balance is the key to being in harmony.

We are all moving through experiences in life and have formed perceptions that have helped create these experiences.  Some of us are choosing and asking to move to a higher consciousness to change and grow to experience life in a more harmonious way.
This is where the angels work with us to help us to see how we can manifest life experiences with a conscious awareness from a open heart. There is always choice and will and the reaction to our actions. This being the human experience that reflects all parts of ourselves we then learn to accept who we are with love compassion and understanding..  In helping to raise our awareness we awaken to a more conscious choice and will with our creativity. 
With the angels help we can take you on a journey to help you to awaken and learn how to see clearly with love compassion and understanding.

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